Keynote Speaker - "A Lift & Laugh"

Ann has has worked in leadership positions with government and municipal agencies since the mid 1980s. A graduate of both the University of Alberta in Administration and the Negotiation and Conflict Management Programme, Dalhousie University Law School and Henson College, Halifax, she has developed and directed a variety of departments and projects in her many leadership roles prior to her private practice.

In both her leadership roles in public health care and private practice, Ann has helped groups remove barriers to innovative thinking while improving job satisfaction and performance. She has extensive experience in adult education and small group process, and is a Master Trainer for the Province of Nova Scotia in the area of Volunteer Management and Motivation. Ann is certified in Negotiation and Conflict Management, Facilitation, Appreciative Inquiry, Think on Your Feet , Open Space Technology, Media Training, Mediation and is qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) used in building high performing teams, conflict management and other areas of human development. She is author of "The Career Portfolio: A Guided Sample", used by Dalhousie University's Counselling Services and a mediation case used as a teaching tool in the Negotiation and Conflict Management Programme at that same university.

Ann's effective and entertaining delivery style has been her trademark in workshops and mediations, earning her great respect from clients and colleagues.