Byron Bertram

Byron Bertram


Like a bird flu on international flight, Byron Bertram travels well. His innate talent for voices and accents mised with a confident vulnerability has taken him across the world and established him internationally as one of the top Canadian comics working today.

He has worked on stage with the likes of Zach Galifinakis, Flight of the Concords and Eddie Izzard; was a hit with the judges on Brits Got Talent, has been seen on ABC's Once Upon a Time, Dirks Gently and Riverdale, and heard regularly on SirusXM.

Listen to what clients have to say about Byron!

"...Byron developed excellent comedic material which was well-tailored to our audience... His performance was very entertaining and we received positive feedback from our staff that attended the event."

"I have had the pleasure of watching Byron Bertram perform on our western Canadian stages and believe that he is a gifted and talented performer; one any country would be proud to have grace their stages. It bears saying, it would be Canada’s loss and the U.S.’s gain should he leave our talent pool."

"We...would like to congratulate you on a most successful night in front of tough, yet extremely apprecitive crowd! Your own comedic style added greatly to the hilarious line-up that hit the stage and you brought many well-needed, easy smiles out of people going through some hard times. Good job!"

"...Not only is Byron an excellent performer, comedian and actor, his professionalism acument in the entertinment industry keeps him in demand."