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Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly

Calgary, AB

Celebrity Host & Emcee

As a television host, an actor, interviewer or teacher, Dave Kelly has been in front of an audience almost every day for the past 20 years. As an award winning television host, he has interviewed over 25,000 people from presidents to moms.

As a live event host he has worked across the country for clients like the Business Development Bank of Canada, The Young Presidents Organization and Encana. He has also helped worthwhile organizations like The United Way, The Kids Cancer Foundation, The Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter bringing warmth and intimacy to large scale events.

Keynote Speaker - "Find Stories That Matter"

The President of Pakistan, the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, a Palestinian refugee and The Cat in the Hat walk into a bar... and they all ended up in Dave Kalley's life.

Dave Kelly has spent his life finding and telling stories, and no one tells them quite like Dave.

In that time he's learned the story that matters most isn't the ones we hear or the ones we tell others - it's the ones we tell ourselves.

From his first career as a junior high school teacher to his over twenty years as an award winning television and live event host. Dave has interviewed over twenty thousand people from Presidents to Moms and he's learned the stories we tell ourselves make the difference between good and great, between reaching goals and wathcing others reach theirs, between a life we want and a life we're stuck with.

Funny, engaging, hearfelt and smart - Dave uses the stories of the major moments in his life to help all of us live our best lives.

Listen to what our clients have to say about Andrew!

"You did it again! With your story telling and improv at the end of the evening, you kept everyone in their seats and thoroughly entertained – thank you. "

"We were very happy with Dave, he added so much personality and laughter to our evening and was instrumental in making it a success"

"Dave knocked it out of the park. I wish we were able to use him longer. He read the audience perfectly"

"Dave was terrific. We really love him working on this event with us and are hoping that we can book him for next year. "

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