Specialty Performer / Illusionist / Magician / Keynote Speaker

With over two decades of study, practice and performance, Dr. Emil Nath explores the mysteries of the human condition through the art of Psychological Illusion, in which he incorporates persuasive technique, perceptual manipulation, magic, showmanship, and dumb luck to create an entirely new audience experience that is as profoundly fascinating as it is indulgently exclusive. In his performances Dr. Nath presents concepts such as: Psychoanalysis, Lie Detection, Mind Reading, Influence and Suggestions, Super Power Memory, Mind Games, Risk and Chance, Synchronicity, Intuition, Thinking Techniques, Prediction and much more.

In the world of Magic, Dr. Nath has performed his award-winning sleight of hand and expert card technique at special events all over the world. His close-up show is a fusion of magic and psychological illusion, and he has presented his Card Shark Exposé at Casinos across North America, sharing with gamblers and lay people alike the most innovative techniques and mind-twisting strategies used by the professional card cheat.

In addition to providing a world-class, unforgettable entertainment experience, the goal of all of Dr. Nath’s presentations is to inspire his audiences to achieve great personal success, to transcend the barriers that prevent us from reaching our goals and living our dreams, and to share new paradigms with which individuals and organizations may overcome adversity and manage uncertainty. Dr. Nath invites audience members to unlock the massive, untapped potential that exists within all of us while challenging the very idea of the word “impossible”.

On-Stage - Dr. Emil Nath is a Psychological Illusionist and Keynote Speaker who has entertained, educated, and empowered audiences all over the world with his highly interactive, sophisticated, funny, and inspiring presentations. From music, magic, and television and movie appearances, to corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and psychological illusionist, Dr. Nath has over 25 years of experience performing in a variety of different art forms in every imaginable format and venue. He has presented to professional organizations, academic institutions, and government and business groups spanning nearly every industry and size, and, while headlining the most exclusive private parties and high-powered corporate events in the world, Dr. Nath has redefined the art of Psychological Illusion for modern, intelligent audiences, compelling even the most cynical minds to marvel and wonder at his breathtakingly ingenious performances.

Off-Stage - Dr. Emil Nath is a medical doctor trained in hospitals across the United States including New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Connecticut. In addition to his career in medicine, he has worked with over 50 different companies in the areas of sales, marketing, and management, and he has an extensive background in property development and project management. Dr. Nath is also an accomplished musician who has studied the Royal Conservatory of Music for over a decade while achieving scholarships and success as a performer and teacher on the piano, guitar and drums. As a national level competitive athlete, Dr. Nath won the Alberta Junior Provincial Tennis Championship and earned a scholarship to play tennis for the University of Alberta, and he has participated at an elite level in many other sports as an athlete, coach, and entrepreneur. Dr. Nath is the Director of the Love of Learning Foundation, a charity for children’s education inspired by his lifelong passion for volunteerism, teaching, and scholarship. He co-founded the charity with his twin brother, Dr. Ermin Nath, who is an extremely gifted physician, athlete, musician, entrepreneur, and person, and the inspiration behind their shared success.


"Just wanted to thank you again for coming and performing at our Christmas Party last Friday. I have had many people come and say how much they enjoyed you and your performance."

"Emil was fantastic and we had rave reviews from all of the staff. From the beginning of this entire process, we had nothing but a positive experience. We will definitely be contacting you again next year!"

"Amazing, everyone enjoyed it and Emil mingling during the reception was really good, people are still trying to figure it out…Our audience talked about it for days after."

"Emil was great. I think that they were still trying to figure out how he does what he does.He is a very polite young man. He came early to ensure that his performance was ready and that all of the equipment was working."