Glenda Savard



Keynote Speaker - "The Collaborative Canvas"

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Gather your guests for a luxury fundraising or networking event and create everlasting memories with a Collaborative Canvas, a fun and exclusive adult entertainment feature. Take a fresh approach to fundraising. A Collaborative Canvas can be auctioned through a silent or announced bid. Or just enliven your next meeting by involving your guests in a memorable and playful way. "When was the last time you painted?" That is what nationally recognized artist Glenda Savard asks each guest as they step up to her easel. Savard then guides each guest through a collaborative painting process. Participants reconnect with their painting selves while others look on, as if they were tuning into a cooking show. In the midst of lavish events Savard prepares the ingredients and provides each artist with the basic recipe for painting. And it's finished by the end of the event!

Callback would like to CONGRATULATE Glenda Savard

"I am very proud and honored to say that I have just been awarded the Medal D’etain from the prestigious Arts-Sciences-Lettres Academy in Paris, France for my painting which was juried into the Carrousel du Louvre Exhibition this past December.

And in addition to that I have been invited back to participate in the 2015 exhibition as well. Plus my work is hanging in the Jadite Gallery in New York City as we speak. What a wonderful year this has been. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your valued support of me and my work. Without you I could not have made it here." - Glenda Savard