Marshal Ennis



Keynote Speaker - "Strong in Body, Stronger in Mind"

When Marshall speaks to audiences about the mind & body connection and the power of focus, he has a completely original method of communicating the message. Marshall conceives and executes incredible tests of physical and mental strength to drive that message home.

As an international strength athlete and a powerful entertainer, Marshall has hosted, produced, and competed in international strength events from Las Vegas, USA to Dubai, Saudi Arabia. One of Marshall's proudest accomplishments has been to create, host and produce the first international Strongman television series viewed around the world by millions of people which shows his personal desire to reach his uncapped potential.

Marshall makes a remarkably strong impression… whether he's bending steel bars, tossing a Highland caber, or chained between two cars trying to drive away in opposite directions. Marshall inspires people to rework their ideas about limitation and potential. "If your mind can conceive it and your spirit can believe it, your body can do it" – that's the heart of Marshall's message.

As a professional speaker, Marshall is unique in his understanding of the strength required to succeed in the face of extraordinary challenges. Marshall's audiences from students to corporations and people hidden from society are enthralled with his physical world; inspired by his humble honesty; entertained by his experience; and provoked to reconsider the meaning of potential. With the use of impressive props and a captive audio visual presentation this Strong message holds. This 6'3" tall, 340 pound , 100 percent natural speaker, also tells a great story.