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Petra Beck

Petra Beck

Keynote Speaker - "Key Success Factors for Your Company in Today's Economy"

Dr. Petra Beck is an internationally acclaimed economist, author and authority on the subject of quality and efficient business/ key success factors and globalization. She has written numerous textbooks about Management, Marketing, Shareholder Value with renowned European Publishers such as Springer in Germany and Orell Fuessli in Switerland. In Canada is has published the bestseller A Rescue Plan for President Obama – 7 Steps to a Win Win Economy and several more books on how to improve the economy bottom up and top down.

Key Success Factors for Your Company in Today's Economy

Companies today are facing challenges internationally like never before. Globalization did not keep all of its promises. Yes, growth-increasing and cost-decreasing promises were kept, but we have to come to terms with a new era demanding a more efficient management and leadership techniques. Her speeches and time are in high demand internationally. Dr. Beck believes that "the age of technology requires more differentiated evaluations of corporate performance than costs." Petra has developed new economic ideas for companies to overcome the economic, legal, political and environmental failures of globalization. This change is structural. Handouts, cut downs, subsidies and austerity will not help this time. Dr. Beck discusses strategies and ways for your company to excel in this environment, how to protect your company in challenging times and how to find ways out of the crisis. In other words how to manage well under global mismanagement.Her focus is mainly for companies to adopt quality management principles in order to be prepared for default risks - instead of risk management only. She is uses concrete examples to show alternatives to fighting legal battles related to environmental stewardship and battles with stakeholders such as employee groups and the communities in which they operate. At the end of her presentation, the audience will understand better how to cope with all the entrepreneurial limitations we are facing in a financial global crisis that is escalating from banking failures into government failures.

Audience member will learn:

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