Specialty Performers / Comedy Stunt Show

As two of Canada's fastest rising stars and two of the worlds most amazing entertainers, they are the perfect act to bring patrons to your event and send them home talking about it!

Ryan has one of the largest repertoires of circus skills in the world - He effortlessly inserts power tools into his face, swallows swords, eats glass, juggles chainsaws, throws knives, swallows and regurgitates various objects, He eats and breathes Fire and flame and he can even balance a running lawnmower on his face while the audience throws lettuce into the spinning blades. You have to see it to believe it! Ryan is also the originator of many insane stunts such as 'The Human Meathead'™ wherein Ryan forces a large meat hook into his nose and out his mouth! Many have tried to duplicate this but nobody has come close to the incredible size of the hook Ryan uses or the intense weight he can suspend from it! The list of Ryan's "stupid human tricks" and "super human stunts" could go on for days but one thing is clear: Whether he's putting a propane blow torch out on his tongue or subjecting himself to a jolt from a police taser, he does so with a tongue in cheek presentation and a relaxed demeanour that makes the show palatable and entertaining for even the most squeamish of audience members.

AmberLynn has been known to twist and abuse her feet and ankles in ways that would make a grown man cry! She has been called an "unconventional contortionist" which may sound redundant but after seeing what she can do with a tennis racquet and a coat hanger (at the same time) you'll understand why! When she's not tangled up in sporting goods she's breathing fire, pierced weight lifting, playing human dartboard or doing stunts with balloons that will make your eyes water. But it's not just her own body she puts in peril, she's been known to whip impossibly small objects from Ryan's hands and mouth using an eight foot bull whip!