Specialty Performer / Hypnotist

The Peak Performance Hypnotist Wayne Lee was a former five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion and school teacher who had an unrelenting passion for entertaining and empowering people. He took a childhood interest in magic and a fascination with visualization and transformed himself from classroom instructor into comedic hypnotist and mind-power expert. Over the years, Wayne has used hypnosis to excite, entertain, and mesmerize thousands of audiences across North America. He has performed over 2500 shows, hypnotizing over 25,000 people to dance outrageously, act like celebrities, and help them explore the limits of their imagination. Wayne has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs and was recognized as Entertainer of the Year for 2007 at the Canadian Events Industry Awards.

As well as his hypnosis show, Wayne Lee educates and empowers audiences with his keynote presentation. In this presentation, Wayne teaches individuals and organizations the mental side of peak performance, helping them to manage their emotions so they can perform at their best.

A feature length documentary, The Deeper You Go was created to document Wayne's metamorphosis from his hilarious stage show into his Life is Magic TM seminar. Throughout 2005, The Deeper You Go aired across Canada on The Documentary Channel. With a huge response, The Deeper You Go was featured at various film festivals, including: the Montreal World Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, New York International and Independent Film and Video Festival, and the Golden Gate Fiction and Documentary Festival where the film won honours for Best Direction.

Wayne is the author of two books, Secrets of Success for Magicians and Stage Hypnotists and Life's Magical Meanings. He is currently working on his third book, which will serve as a guide to help people boost their performance to produce the results they want. When Wayne is not performing, he donates his time to bring laughter and a positive message to junior high and high school students in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.