Specialty Performer / Ventriloquist

Damien James started talking to himself at the age of 6. His parents, upon deciding that therapy was too expensive, bought him a puppet so that he would have someone to talk to. Since then, Damien has entertained audiences across North America with his unique brand of Ventriloquism and Comedy.

Damien works "Corporate‐Clean" and he can customize his show for practically any audience in almost any conceivable Venue. His show is original, visual and hilarious. The routine where he turns a member of YOUR organization into HIS puppet using a Remote Controlled mouth never fails to bring down the house!

Damien creates all of the puppet characters for his show using state of the art animatronics and Movie Special Effects technology. (When he is not performing, Vancouver‐based Damien works as a Special Effects Artist for Film and Television. His work has been seen in the form of Werewolves in the "Underworld" franchise, a pregnant Prosthetic Pregnant Belly in the Oscar‐winning "Juno", exploding Midgets on "Fringe" and in dozens of other Hollywood Productions).

Damien James: Ventriloquist ‐ your best bet for unique, customized Comedy Entertainment that is GUARANTEED to be the unforgettable Highlight of your event!