Specialty Performer / Mentalist

"Is There Anything NEW for Stage Shows?"

Absolutely! Mentalism is at the cutting edge of today's mystery entertainment. People are simply fascinated with other people.

David Thiel is one of Canada's top mentalists. His corporate friendly performance blends jaw dropping surprises with laugh out loud comedy and has been delighting audiences since 1990.

Your audience will hear impossible predictions. They will learn fascinating things about the people who join him on stage. Best of all? They will remember what brushing up against real magic feels like.

Enjoy a sample from one of David's stage shows right now. Watch the video for a completely undedited and unretouched clip in which one lady simply thinks about the circumstances of her first kiss.


When was the last time something truly magical happened to you?

This is an invitation to transport your next event to a place where regular rules don’t apply, where memories take on a life of their own and wonderful things hidden in the shadows can sometimes be coaxed into the light.

This is your invitation to take your next gathering on an adventure you will always remember…to witness firsthand and participate in effects depicting clairvoyance, telepathy and mind reading.

This is your invitation to join David Thiel, one of Canada’s top corporate mentalists, for an ‘up-close and personal’ evening of Whispering Minds. It’s an event where your guests, along with their thoughts and memories, are the stars of the show and you will be left wondering if what you’ve just seen can possibly be real.


"No one in our company had ever seen a mentalist, so it was new and exciting for everyone. The performance was GREAT! There were rave reviews from everyone!"

"Let me say that your show last night BLEW MY MIND! Everyone was fascinated with what you did and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Again, thank you for a spectacular performance!"

"You did a magnificent job! I heard nothing but great comments about your performance."

"I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU again for your performance. You kept everyone entertained and intrigued. The crowd was talking about it for the rest of the night. We were talking about it again this morning !I can’t say enough about how pleasant you were to work with!"

"Everyone was so impressed with you! You are fascinating! We were mesmerized watching you work with our people. Thanks again for making our event so successful!"

"This show was on an outdoor main stage. It was a complete success! The audience laughed out loud. They had a great time. David held their attention for the complete performance, quite the feat as tehre were so many distractions. David puts people at ease and really knows how to engage audiences. And he blows them away! "