Comedian / Keynote Speaker - "Surviving Cancer"

Ken Hicks is a 3 time Cancer survivor who encourages others to find the humor in everyday life, to help us manage the tough times that life sometimes throws at us.

As a professional speaker and comedian, father of two teen daughters, and longtime married husband; Ken reminds us that laughter is a healing power. It helps to alleviate stress, ease tenuous situations, and helps us refocus to maintain a positive state of mind.

Ken's sessions include many topics, such as coping with lose, cancer, depression, parenthood, working with children, relationships, power of positive thinking, keeping motivated, and how to find the funny in life. Whatever the needs of your organization, company, team, or organization, a session can be developed to meet your directives.

In our lives, there will be times when we become stressed, overwhelmed, and feel burdened; serious times! These are the times that we have to challenge ourselves to find the humor in the situation. If we are able to laugh through it, we are able to cope through it.

"If you believe you can't find the humor in a serious situation, you are not looking serious enough."