Comedian / Keynote Speaker

Paul Sveen is as much fun as he is funny! Where ever he performs he's part of the party, like having a national head liner in your kitchen! And he is national, with performances on CBC's " So You Think You're Funny., Madly Off In All Directions, TSN's Off The Record ABC's America's Funniest People, CTV's Comedy Now and The Halifax Comedy Festival. He's headlined every major comedy club in Canada and toured England. He's a corporate headliner and a national Comedy Club favorite.

Keynote Speaker "Health & Wellness"

Choose a goal then let your laughter be your action.

I have a mission and that mission is to share the unlimited power of humor. I share this from Thirty years touring as a comedian and Twenty years of teaching humor.

My seminars and workshops are designed for the individual within the group built for a maximum learning curve and most important for maximum laughter. My message: "Fear repels, happiness attracts. The life we dream is fueled by joy."

When we read a statement like the one above, a voice rises in us like a dark storm: "This is rubbish. It can't be that easy!"

That voice, the one most of us have, is our "Inner Critic." It's been there since the first moment we doubted ourselves. And the older we get the louder our Inner Critic gets. This is the reason we keep doing the same things and keep getting the same results. That negative inner voice has fastened itself to our habits and our habits are our results. Which is why our results are always the same. The answer? Get rid of your negative passenger! It's an anchor. Where we're going we need wings!

I've had the honor and opportunity to share my workshops with a wide variety of people: from students, to police officers, Surgeons to musicians, members of Parliament to athletes. No matter what walk of life they were from, they all had one thing in common: "They all wanted more laughter in their life!

Wherever we find our self in our lives, our work, our relationships, our families our successes what I've been told but already knew, "without humor, with out honest laughter, something is missing!" Really?

There are five principles in my workshops:

  • Remove our inner critic.
  • Discover our authentic self.
  • Allow our inner child.
  • Trust our intuition.
  • And Letting go.

These steps have been developed over three decades and have proven "it's better to try and get a little closer then to stay stuck in fear."

Every one has been told: "No, can't, forget it, there's no way!" Each and every time you've heard it, there's been a part of you that whispered: "why not? Yes I can, watch me, get out of my way!"

Trust your laugh, if you do, you won't whisper I did it. You'll shout it!


"I want to thank you for your help getting a comedian for our Christmas party. Paul was amazing! We had kids running around and stopping to talk to him throughout our show and he still put on a great show. We laughed so hard that some of us were crying."

"Just wanted to let you know how the Christmas party went on the weekend. It was fabulous!! Paul was hilarious and he did a good job of reading the crowd. Unfortunately, we did have one employee who was a bit of a heckler, but Paul dealt with him beautifully!"

"Please let Paul know he did a great job. Everyone was talking about how great the show was and how funny he was.Thanks for all your help with arranging this, Nancy. We really appreciate it."

"The show with Paul Sveen was great!! We had a ton of positive feedback from all of our guests that came and joined us. I never heard one negative comment and it was great because he was able to speak to everyone and made everyone laugh."

"Paul was GREAT, did an awesome show, stuck around for an oncore, and all around super guy. I would recommend him for anything."

"It was great. He did well considering the distraction of the venue! Everyone had a great time, including Paul and I’ve had lots of positive feedback."